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Polypackaging Pvt Ltd is a company which was formed and started in
January 2007.It is situated at No. 15 Josiah Chinamano Road Belmont
in Bulawayo.The new factory is now located at 897/898 Soutter Road New
Ardbennie Harare.The company's principle activity is to manufacture poly
woven bags and provide packaging solution to our valuable clients




Our Mission

To delight our customers with excellent proactive services and create
value for our stakeholders through developing,manufacturing and selling
packaging products of the highest quality.We will always anticipate and
and meet customer needs in order to grow the company and contribute to
the development of the community




Quality Policy

Polypackaging (Pvt) Ltd maunfactures and supplies polywoven bags and produce
pockets for the local and regional markets.Polypackaging Management and staff
are committed to the development,implementation,maintenance and continual
improvement of the quality managent that ensures customer satisfaction and meet
the ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System Standard principles and requirements



1.Agricultural Product Packaging

PP woven bags are largely used in storing and transporting agricultural products such as aquatic products, feeds, fruits, vegetables, etc. PP woven bags used in the agricultural industry typically include feed PP woven bags, chemical PP woven bags, fertilizer PP woven bags, vegetable woven bags and fruit mesh bags


2.Food Packaging

PP woven bags are increasingly used to pack food. Common food woven bags include rice PP woven bags, flour PP woven bags, maize woven bags, etc.


3.Geotechnical Engineering

PP woven fabrics are extensively used in the construction of irrigation works, roads, railways, ports, mines, buildings, and more. Having the functions of filtering, draining, isolation and anti-seepage, PP woven fabrics are one of the most popular geosynthetics.


4.Daily Necessities

PP woven bags are almost used by everyone, whether workers, farmers, or cargo agents etc. You can find plastic woven products (such as shopping bags, logistics bags etc.) in stores, warehouses and houses, nearly everywhere.


5.Special Woven Bags

Special woven bags are used to serve some special purposes. For example, UV resistant woven bags have UV protection and anti-aging function, allowing them a longer lifespan in the sunlight. Woven polypropylene tube with UV protection can be used for earthbag buildings.


   Polypackaging ITF263 Certificate

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