Polypackaging (Pvt) Ltd manufacture and supplies polywoven bags and produce pockets
for the local and regional markets. Polypackaging Management and staff are committed
to the development, implementation, maintenance and continual improvement of the quality
management that ensures customer satisfaction and meet the ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management
System Standard principles and requirements. In fulfillment of this policy, Polypackaging
will ensure that packaging and related services are supplied timely, meeting relevant
standards and the requirements of the customer.

The Polypackaging Quality Policy is thus directed towards achieving the following objectives:

To provide the Customer with the highest level of satisfaction from the packaging and related
services supplied.
To comply with all regulations, standards and codes of practice to which Polypackaging subscribes.
To contribute to the profit goals of the company by improving operational efficiency and
optimizing the costs of quality.
To provide a safe and non-discriminatory work place.
Polypackaging management will ensure that this policy is understood, implemented and maintained
throughout the company. All organizations and persons working for or on behalf of Polypackaging shall
comply with this policy statement.
About Us

Polypackaging Pvt Ltd is a company which was formed and started in January 2007. It is situated at
No. 15 Josiah Chinamano Road Belmont in Bulawayo. The new factory is now located at 897/898 Soutter
Road New Ardbennie Harare. The company's principle activity is to manufacture poly woven bags and
provide packaging solution to our valuable clients.

897/8 Soutter Rd,New Ardbennie,Harare Zimbabwe,Tel: 0242 621922,VOIP:08677008103,Cell:0772 682 763

OFFICE HOURS:Monday-Friday:08:00am to 17:00pm,Saturday:08:00am to 12:30pm,VACATIONS:All Sundays and Public holidays

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