Corporate Social Responsibility & Sustainability

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Nollan Foundation Donations
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Nollan Foundation Donations
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ORAP Organization Donations
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Nolla Foundation Donations
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Nolla Foundation Poultry Project
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ORAP Organization Donations

Our approach to corporate responsibility sustainability (CRS) starts with a simple premise: responsible, diverse and inclusive businesses are more successful. Being responsible helps us to attract, develop and retain the talented people we need to succeed, to better understand, help and give back to the community in any way we can.

Through our CRS we’re focused on promoting lifelong learning and increasing numeracy and literacy skills to drive opportunity for people from lower socio-economic backgrounds. We recently helped Nolan Foundation to kick start Poultry Farming to sustain the orphans the organization look after, the main goal for the kids to learn responsibility at a tender age and attain life skills. We have been also working with ORAP, Feed the City Zimbabwe and Eatout Movement at our Bulawayo Branch, we managed to donate few food items to the less priviledged during the period of The Global pandemic Covid-19.

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